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You Can’t Buy “Fit”, Here's What You Can Do

How much are you present in your own life? What about the lives of others? Do you help family or friends in their lives? Now, what have you done for your own?

Guest Writers
Guest Writers

You can’t buy “fit”. You can’t sell it, you can’t lie for it, you can’t cheat, beg, borrow, steal, rent or even build it. You must work for it, and when you work for it, you’re working for yourself.

How much are you present in your own life? What about the lives of others? Do you help family or friends in their lives? Now, what have you done for your own?

Beyond the Mirror

How we take care of ourselves goes beyond the mirror. How we take care of spiritual, physical and emotional selves is becomes of a battle of priorities, with the emphasis (for most) on emotional and spiritual wellness. What ends up taking second, or third place is our physical health. How often are you exercising to maintain your physical health?

Prioritise all Three

I wish it was as easy as telling you where your focus should be to improve your life, but it is not that simple. Of all three self-care beings, we have the most control over our health. Spiritual health relies on faith, emotional health relies on others, but only our physical health relies on OUR actions. You are in control and the greatest part is, by prioritizing all three tenants, they complement each other to only beef you up.

Impact of Exercise

Burn calories, loose fat, gain muscle, look better, feel better, relieve stress, the list of benefits for exercising is endless. What people aren’t telling you is how to get there. Not how to exercise, or how to eat, but the type of motivation and work ethic it takes to truly get there. I love fitness. I love fitness because my body is a reflection of how much I love myself. Not in a pompous way, but in a “I respect my body way”. My body is a reflection of the work I have put in to take care of myself.

Self-Care Explored

I wish this article was just another “Here are the benefits of fitness”, but I believe this goes beyond that. We are responsible for our own sense of self-worth, of the value we place on ourselves as people, and on the amount of love we show ourselves. We have one body. We can always get another car, another house, another cell-phone, but we cannot replace our body.

What Self-Care Looks Like

Daily we are pounded with images of perfect bodies, epic transformations, miracle diets and even basic happiness stories. When is the last time you stood in front of a magazine rack and decided you wanted your own story, regardless of if you’re going to make a magazine cover? My wife, who I look up to very much, has a tattoo on her arm. It says, “I am the hero of this story, I don’t need saving.” This tattoo is not about heroism, or even about refusing to be a victim in her life. It is about taking charge of taking care of herself because celebrating who we are, starts with celebrating what we’ve done to become who we are. If you don’t like how you feel emotionally, drop those from your life who are living inside your head rent free. If you don’t like how you feel spiritually, get right with who or what you worship. If you don’t like the way you feel, find a program you can stand behind, and get going. Only you can truly help you.


Guest Writers

A team of contributors and writers for Revel.