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Free Mobile Wallpaper: Laughter Heals

Guest Writers
Guest Writers

One of my all-time favourite purposes of my mobile phone, is its constant serving as a reminder for almost all things. I’ve read about how folks refrain from using it for anything that offers a soul-connection in order to avoid sentimental attachment to their digital devices. While I do find that relatable and smart — as a working woman who is often on-the-go, I do refer to mine very often. Therefore, having a screensaver that is uplifting isn’t only useful, but food for my soul.

April’s a quirky mix of April’s Fool and Autism Awareness Month. Over here, we’ll be discussing lots on special needs and laughter. How do they go hand-in-hand? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please, please, pretty please join in the conversation at Instagram this April.

Don’t forget to grab April’s wallpaper today!

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Guest Writers

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