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Do this: Laugh, It Adds Life to Your Years.

A simple idea that always works - strategically placed reminders.

Guest Writers
Guest Writers

Ohhh are you ready for a warm and beautiful home or office filled with delightful reminders for everyone? Today I want to introduce you to a simple idea that always works - strategically placed reminders. The back story is that I absolutely hate sticking post-it notes on my laptop or desktop's screen, and yet found a need to be reminded of really simple things — like laughing.

A self-confessed over-thinker, I tend to dwell on unpleasant topics way past their due dates, and I once caught myself mid-laughter, only to realise how much good it was doing to my troubled mind. I like to do things my own way. I think that’s my best tip I can give anyone. Fill your space with reminders and pieces that make you happy. These days, there is an abundance of inspiration. I love scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, but I have to stay true to my own needs, budget, and sense of style.

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Guest Writers

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