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3 Ways Bullet Journalling Makes You Happier

Using bullet journals as habit trackers have helped thousands of people develop more and more positive habits.

Guest Writers
Guest Writers

It seems almost impossible to approach bullet journalling without some degree of flair. It just happens. Even for the most ‘un-creative’ person you’ll ever meet. Then there are the fancy accessories (though, really, those are just add-ons) such as pens, markers, rolls of washi tape, and such. This alone can totally up to one’s mood. Which that said, here are some other ways BuJo (Bullet Journalling) can make you happier.

Bible Journals from Revel. Bullet Journals and pens from Bujoish.

1. A private outlet to express yourself makes you happier

One common thing I hear from most is this. The fact that once they pick up their journal and accessories, their brain registers that it’s their personal time. A time to express themselves with no rules and guidelines. A creative outlet in a world where that is so fast-paced and hardly gives you a chance to breathe.

If you’re saying that doodling isn’t your thing. I highly recommend you pick up a writing tool and let your mind go. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your mind relaxes.

2. Tracking your goals and growth makes you happier

Chances are, you’ve already come across thousands of posts on Instagram and Pinterest where bullet journal trackers such as weight loss tracker, money-saving tracker, debt payoff tracker, fitness trackers, habit trackers and so much more. Many are extremely beautiful to look at, - but digger deeper into the information.

Using bullet journals as habit trackers have helped thousands of people develop more and more positive habits.

3. Being productive makes you happier

It’s really simple. A sense of accomplishment makes us happy. Writing things down makes you more focused and aware of your processes and progress.

Writing things down like your goals, tasks, appointments and so on in your bullet journal:

  • helps you remember what you need to do
  • strengthens your resolve to complete it.

If you’re looking to get started, we highly recommend our Archer & Olive collection. Whether you are looking for a dot grid/sketchbook/lined notebook, we guarantee you’ll absolutely love this thoughtfully created journals.


Guest Writers

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